Topics: What is involved in a minor legal name change?

2. I hereby grant my full permission and consent for the temporary guardian to establish a place of residence for my child, and for my child to reside and travel with said temporary guardian.

3. I hereby grant the temporary guardian my full authorization to make all decisions related to my child's educational, religious, and recreational activities and undertakings.

5. This authorization is effective commencing on the ______day of ____________________, 20_____ and expiring on the ______day of ____________________, 20____.

And don’t u fucking forget it. A person with legal citizenship in this country has as many rights as u. It’s why we are successful, no one’s dead weight

The SCA has agreed with what many of us in the legal profession believed. This sentence does serve the interest of justice.

Hate and intolerance are inherently undefinable in the legal sense. The only way to ballpark it is to punish any and all criticism. It is not the same as inciting violence, which is easily defined and measured.

Tier-two countries have not fully complied to the requirements of the trafficking of victims protection act. Traffic in human beings is not legal in any country in the world, but law has not been able to deal with the physical and psychological issues surrounding human captivity.

I was standing in line at a store next to my 12 year old cousin to get a $10 coupon the lady looked at me and said, sorry, no coupons for kids. Me in response: Hello????? I am 21, very adult, very legal, champagne, casinos.

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And let"s not forget, Holocause denial IS legal in Canada so long as you come from the right countries. So how useful is punishing it at all?