Topics: Nyx should take damage while Invis. Not fun to play.

Since the beginning Hasselblad cameras were born from a love for photography and the desire of a man to give. You have successfully subscribed to.

Just one Hasselblad! Everybody needs there own camera that went to the moon right? But it would mostly be just lenses out the pooter.

Texas officials have written to President Trump urging him to follow up on his tweeted endorsement of federal disaster relief for churches after Hurricane Harvey.

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Hi, I'd like to close my Skype account because I accidentally used my hotmail account to open one. I had a skype account already and don't need this second one. I try but it would also close my email account, which is not what I wanted. I only want to close my skype account! Thanks.

Hillary Clinton pushed back against one of the most frequent criticisms she faced as a candidate last year — a lack of “authenticity” — agreeing with an interviewer that it amounted to a “bulls***” and sexist double standard.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat discussed migration issues with the United Nations secretary general Antonio Guterres, a Department of Information statement said. The meeting was held in New York. Muscat said the issue was a main priority for Malta, with Libya being so close. He said Malta is ready to offer all its assistance for solutions to be found. Guterres said the UN is working hard to address the conflict in Libya. The two sides agrred that Libyans cannot be left out of a lasting solution.  PM Muscat also met former US president Barack Obama.

Alarms sounded in Mexico City as a new earthquake struck Saturday morning, prompting people with fresh memories of this week's devastating tremor to flee homes and hotels.

Planet Nibiru captured on camera causing blood red moon.

Saw the moon close up with my 10mm lens. The craters are amazing! With I had a camera that can take its phone

Sometimes the moon stars are just so dope my camera does absolutely no justice

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Айвен Муди — вокал
Золтан Батори — ритм-гитара
Джейсон Хук — соло-гитара, бэк-вокал
Джереми Спенсер — ударные
Крис Каил — бас-гитара, бэк-вокал

Калеб Бинэм — гитара
Даррелл Робертс — гитара
Мэтт Снелл — бас-гитара, бэк-вокал ( Anubis Rising , Deadset )