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UNL Student Code of Conduct (PDF)

University Documents Concerning Student Rights and Responsibilities

Appendix E: Crime Prevention and Safety at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Any student found to have committed or to have attempted to commit the following misconduct is subject to the disciplinary sanctions outlined in Article IV:

1. Acts of academic dishonesty, including but not limited to the following:

At what point does it stop being dating and graduate to relationship? Or maybe I should be saying what"s your definition of just dating I agree with you about one staying with a cheat because they are the only person they know.

What’s it like to graduate and still be dating someone in highschool?

Turning 18 in the U.S. is big. All get to vote, boys can be drafted and girls officially graduate from ‘s “dating” pool.

I’d been out of college for a decade, completed graduate school, working as a professional in my field, in my first year of marriage, had crisscrossed the country residing in four states. I was not “dating” 14 year olds.

I"m also tired of seeing people throw young couples under the bus while trying to justify pedophilia. A teenager who just got out of high school dating another teenager who is about to graduate is not the same thing as a 30 year old man preying on a 14 year old. Y"all know this.

High school students are baby adults by the time they graduate and still need guidance/assistance from responsible caring adults. Under 18 yrs, they"re children should be off-limits to grown men. 14 yo children can consent to dating other 14 yrs when their parents approve.

Dating org mate? Graduate na siya nung sumali ako but I saw him from time to time. Not sure if he remembers me though

I still feel some type of way about my middle school boyfriend dating my middle school bestfriend I’m about to graduate from college, I still wait let that go yet.

watch girls meet world

People keep saying that they will lose their dating pool when they graduate but I hope to God there are better people in the real world