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Agree with reasoning for a strike but absolutely ridiculous to cancel all services inconveniencing so many train users. Many people including myself have no other way of getting to work without even having a rail replacement bus service.

The drivers and services are getting worse and worse each day. What the hell happened to you guys? Terrible.

Apologies for the delay, your services are now active. Let us know if you are getting picture. ~ANR

Shameful. Really getting tired of paying for services that are half-baked. 2yr Bluesky contract, to boot!

: Sir, Broadband speed complaint has already been resolved now getting better internet speed as verified with Sh Gajendra panwar on 06-12-2017. Thanks for using Bsnl services.

Hi Jessi, thanks for getting back to us. As we don"t have access to personal records and can only give general info, please call us on your regular payment line for assistance. We can assure you staff work hard to assist and people are getting through.

The Swift Current Fire Department in Saskatchewan, Canada is reminding residents of the dangers of thin ice after an off-leash dog broke through the brittle covering on a frozen creek. Firefighters responded to a call from the dog’s owner and were able to rescue the pup. The dramatic scene was captured on video and posted […]

Our countdown of this year’s most outstanding sounds continues with madcap chamber pop, deconstructed soul and more. Tune in tomorrow for another reveal

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Lol I could have told you that. I did satellite networks before getting into security. The best i’ve gotten is 1600ms. It’s weird the bandwidth will be there, but the latency will cause havoc with replication and directory services.

Hey you mind getting your shit together? Don"t tell me I only have one outstanding bill to pay and then when I pay it and call you later to ask why my services are still suspended tell me that I have another bill which is twice that amount.

Hoog Poling Platform used but in good shape it is a very sturdy well-built platform must see to appreciate 450 cash trade or both open to any trade offers firm on cash price just reduced it $200 thanks for che King out my add.