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Visit Bob Johnson 390 Chevrolet in Avon for the best selection of new & used cars, auto service, and more near Geneseo & Dansville.

I remember my parents taking us to Geneseo when I was pretty young ( so eons ago lol ) honestly, a lovely little place.

Mainland China may have more than 1.3 billion people, but it only has one stand-up comedy club — and it was started by a Melburnian.

Spotlight on Oracle – Highlights new research that covers or relates to Oracle.  For an overall view of Oracle, check out the new Oracle Vendor Rating.Ed Thompson just updated the The Elusive Magic.

Forgot how awful geneseo is on move in day

Thanks to and for allowing us to turn Ericson Field into Bob Reade Field West tonight!

Britain’s call for ‘flexible solutions’ as it pursues goal of avoiding border posts with Ireland leaves EU officials rolling their eyesThe European Union has accused the UK of “magical thinking” over plans to create an invisible border in Ireland after Brexit, amid fading hopes of an early divorce deal this autumn.The response came as both sides prepared for the next round of negotiations in Brussels next week, with the EU issuing a stern rebuke against using the peace process as a bargaining chip.
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Smile! It"s almost game time. The Green Machine hosts Lincoln Park at Augustana College at 6 p.m.

On the road for the season opener v Geneseo.

SUNY Geneseo Move In fun today with Main Street decorators, students and their families!

Thank you Cal-Mum GSOC for hosting todays"s 3 team friendly with us Geneseo GSOC! Best of luck to you both this season in the LivConf

Thanks Carissa good luck at Geneseo !!

The Gong of Ms. Jiang The Gong of Ms. Jiang is a type of Qigong. Qigong (Chi Kung) is an important part of Chinese Traditional Medical Science. By practicing Qigong, the human body sends out harmful Qi and cleans the inner channel to promote smooth .