Topics: The God Whisperers

THANK YOU Shameless Grounds for hosting our event! This talk was about physical, emotional, and financial safety in the realm of dating. Kendra Holliday facilitated.

♡ just understood that the phrase «master gay wrist fucks sir glitter boots» is about louis harry ♡

He didn’t say anything about the actors in the film. He said the movie ( made by a gay filmmaker, btw ) made him horny, and now you’re policing that with some truly absurd projection.

Sometimes I think Star Wars is the best thing to happen to me but then I remember exists and life gets even better

Tru story: my cousins girlfriend bought me 1d tickets one year and I told her about 1d and the next day texted me “oK I have a conspiracy louis and Harry love each other it’s true I’ve been watching videos of them together all night they’re both gay and together”

She used her gay little thumbs and tweeted that when I sent looking. She’ll be hearing from my lawyers.

I also would love to see more out gay actors in movies! So we agree there.