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I tried drawing Mikleo in a Houseki no Kuni setting ( I"m also thinking of writing an Houseki no Kuni AU for SorMik )

I"m paying to take my lab to the Catskills for a writing vacation in a few weeks. Super excited.

Aww thank you love, I give so much that when I receive it Im so lost lol. And I totally can"t tell that you"re new to this you"re a natural. Is it your first time writing smut too, causes it"s mine??

Finally finished ‘Galapoagos’ by Vonnegut. As ever he’s right - big brains are the worst, and in the throes of PhD writing up, being a seal humanoid relaxing on a beach instead sounds pretty good right now.

Searching Call for Submissions and writing to meet their deadlines has been surprisingly a productive strategy. Instead of feeling nervous/ discouraged, I"m excited and motivated.

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We’re hearing that a lot, recently. Welcome on board. Use your experience of what drove you to vote to help turn things around. There’s some great Bregretter/ campaigners now who can be more convincing than us always-Remainers. Keep writing to your MP. It gets logged!

When I graduate law school I’m definitely writing a book, my story would heal a nation

I remember my creative writing teacher was like you always ask for a pass every class nd r gone the whole time but when its time to hand in papers you hand in such great work