Topics: Most creative message from a dating site?

Fish dating is a UK dating site with loads of fish to choose from we have many more UK members looking for dating - Registration is free

They literally ask for account information on that site. I"d take a looong turn around that and just edit a pic by myself tbh. This seems fishy.

That’s a totally absurd statement. If you would read she claims it happened November 16 but just now had recall of it!!! Sound fishy? Yep I think so.

Good to know. I"ll get in touch with a couple of contacts from that site and spread the word around. What"s fishy about it?

Something is fishy I’m sorry but I don’t believe it other stans are that dedicated in other site that we’re always in third?

Apparently, Pledis only opened an order on one site for nuble’s sg. Like why, Pledis????

Not only was it ran by the best youtuber ever, it supplied us ( your fans ) with genuine codes from genuine sites, that worked. If you found a site to be fishy you would delete it, once again helping your fans. That site was for us ZuRi and I"m grateful and appreciate that!