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The earliest extant samples of connected (north) Estonian are the so-called Kullamaa prayers dating from 1524 and 1528. In 1525 the first book published in the.

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Retrospect to the Cyber Security Summer School 2016. Great week full of intensive coursework, discussions and technically demanding exercises!

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The video gives an overview of wooden houses production technology and represents some beautiful snapshots from different Estonian wooden houses in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany and France.

Production of the film was supported by European Regional Development Fund through cluster development program of Enterprise Estonia in the frames of "Estonian Wooden Houses Exporters Cluster Project.

You can now apply for EU funding to carry out a project focusing on smart cities, smart energy systems or renewable fuels

Truth be told is an oxymoron a Big Education claptrap. Teachers don’t know technology. Most students learn technology at home or online NOT at school. It could possibly happen at a future date. In Estonia they teach coding at age 7

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Onnea, Suomi! Palju õnne, Soome!
Iloitsemme yhdessä Suomen kanssa ja nostamme joulukuun kuudentena päivänä Suomen kunniaksi Viron liput salkoon kautta koko Viron. Viron suurlähetystö Helsingissä
Eesti suursaatkond Helsingis

Nearly cried when I saw the opening date of 2/23 here in Estonia! Can"t wait to see it : )

SGI news, Gütersloh – The Baltic country took over the EU presidency for the second half of 2017 from the United Kingdom after Britain relinquished its scheduled six-month stint due to the Brexit vote. For the small country with an excellent track record this is a great challenge in ambiguous times. See more.

These two guys on dinner date are just casually name dropping countries like provinces, neh I"ve only been to Norway, Estonia etc