Topics: Is an online MBA taken seriously?

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Seriously Instagram is not an online photo album you do not need to upload every photo every day of your life!

Lol, sorry, I"m trying to be funny. I don"t take online surveys seriously. Hope I"m not sounding serious.

Seriously by is my new favorite song. Can"t even explain how much I can relate. So much respect. is too good

No seriously, I don"t think I"ve even mentioned anywhere online about Sara having a crush or any image on Patrick. You would rival Sherlock

It wasn’t a stretch, and I didn’t disagree? I took it seriously and then was frank about why I come off as cryptic on here.

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Your customer care tell me that i should have read it online before coming. Are you in service industry? Seriously?

But seriously, tho, you don"t have to watch something if you don"t like what"s happening. I mean, you know that, right?

Seriously need this session on building a professional online identity - already accidentally tweeted from personal account twice :/

I am not gonna do online yet. I gotta lab with Jam for a bit. Seriously gotta learn how to air raid or whatever its called

I seriously need to find a hobby besides shopping online

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