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Niggas that I’ve friendzoned don’t even be mad cus ima a cool ass female friend so it’s a win win

It’s crazy a 35 years old female friend of mine don’t know what “camel toe” is. she had to ask me what it is? I’m like how you a woman and don’t know. Soon I explained it to her she gon say it that not it. Well what else it’ll be dummy?

Reality of being female freelance journalist. Befriend a friend of a friend, they promise to help you with a story in an area where you can"t go alone because it is unsafe. When the day arrives, he says he"ll help you, but only if you sleep with him. Pisses. Me. Off.

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I went to with a female friend for coffee , we ended up going to IKEA - he called me screaming at me in the middle of IKEA that I don"t care where you are , go fuck another dude if you want I don"t give a shit I WAS AT IKEA

Lol I just wanna know what bitch is the 300 pound friend lol why he gotta talk about his female friends like that ?

Ain"t finna jus take a female to Paris wit me Lmmfao gotta fucc wit em heavy I"ll go by myself and explore ya digs or wit a friend or some

Wow, I can’t believe I just watched a Christmas RomCom that ended with a friend zone from the female lead to the male lead.

Sometimes I just want to be single forever and sometimes I want to be in a relationship with a female. Does anybody feel the same way? Asking for a friend.

Maybe de female friend husband knows something/ or the pastors wife