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A concert photographer and music journalist has opened up about her negative experience with Brand New frontman Jesse Lacey.

I’ve never had a man from the country before and I’m single and not dating anyone so I don’t know what you’re talking about

Russia my favorite underrated country for that reason.

On November 10, 2017, a vulnerability called #AVGater was discovered affecting some antivirus products. The vulnerability requires a non-administrator-level account to perform a restore of a quarantined file. Windows Defender Antivirus is not affected by this vulnerability. This vulnerability can be exploited to restore files that have been detected and quarantined by an antivirus product..

IRON MAIDEN fans will be excitedly gearing up for the band’s return to the UK next year. Here’s how you can get yourself some tickets and gain access to Monday’s presale. What are Iron Maiden’s 2018 tour dates and venues? The popular metal band are rounding off their European tour with six dates in the […]

True. At sixteen, I dated a 19 year old and a twenty six year old. Both had nice cars. Quit dating the 26 year old because he liked to drive waaay too fast on dark Alabama country roads.

He admitted to dating teenagers, maybe that is okay in Alabama but not in most of the country!