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Highest quality and value restoration of all marques.

GRP specialists, Body shop specialising in classic car restoration and repairs.

Servicing, Diagnostics, Welding and Fabrication.

Valuations, Inspections and Sales of Classic Cars.

'DLF Classic Cars has gradually expanded to become one of the most talented and well respected restorers in East Anglia'
Simon Jackson
Retro Cars Magazine

We are able to match nearly any paint and have invested a great deal of time in recreating perfect colour matches for all Lotus Elan colours.

The history of the Corvette on display at the. 14 cars, dating as far back as 1959.

Gents 2018 we dating chicks with cars.

I stopped collecting in 1976 when I discovered girls, cars and dating. In 2004, I returned and have been quite the fanboy ever since.

Cant even be dating me without cars in this weather

I’d like to think I’m about 75% more knowledgeable about cars after dating O’Henry

Also Parental Control; another quality show. So was that other dating show where there was either three girls/guys in the van, and one guy/girl went through their bedrooms/cars and that’s how they decided who they wanted to date