Topics: things i should do in boston?

Request Quote. Cardinal Scale’s RSCA series truck and track scales feature a rugged, accurate, and heavy-duty weighbridge system for static weighing operations.

And some of the staff where rude , where we had the afternoon tea we had to sit in reception where the door was broken and left opened so it was cold , wasn’t relaxing at all for me and my 3 friends definitely won’t be going there again needs up dating

Let"s be dating buddies. There"s got to be a better way to do this.

Dating me is pretty simple. Just text me back fast, make me laugh, and don"t be a hoe.

I am also genuinely upset to not be dating Katie McGrath, just sayin.

Bro these bitches be already dating and talking to another guy before they even break up with your ass smh lol

You"re an adult and your parents still control you.You need your mom cause you"re financially unstable. You get told what to do all the damn time ! If they don"t like who you"re dating they will run you away from them. Smfh to the parents! Live your own life , you"ll be happier

Actually I just read what you wrote that topic is tired as Shit if you worried bout who payin you shouldn’t be dating you should be workin on yaself

My mom always tells me, Dating while you"re this young isn"t supposed to be HARD. When you date the right person, dating them will be easy. And that hits me hard every time

I just wouldn"t say it"s pointless to be dating because you can still have a true understanding