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There's no map showing all the billions of exoplanets hiding in our galaxy -- they're so distant and faint compared to their stars, it's hard to find them. Now, astronomers hunting for new worlds have established a possible signpost for giant exoplanets.

Ash watching me try to find my iPhone someone I’m not even dating

Клуб знакомств “Романтический город” уже 10 лет проводит быстрые свидания и вечеринки экспресс знакомств в Москве. За это время мы успешно организовали более 1000 вечеринок быстрых знакомств, у нас побывало более 30 000 гостей, быстрые свидания соединили сердца около 800 мужчин и женщин.

Ресторан “Тибет” м. Лубянка, ул. Никольская д.10. ТЦ «Никольская Плаза» минус первый этаж. Как нас найти.

Literally I hope I find someone on this dating app and I hope I get away from everything entirely because

I think she has someone currently, I don’t know if they’re dating but I’m not gonna get in the way, plus I’m too shy anyways

I got 2 jobs I"m just trying to talk to someone without dating : )

Have you ever caught yourself doing some ratchet shit in front someone you"re dating? Knowing damn well they ain"t ready for all that shit

N'Djamena (AFP) - Chad is to boost protection for a key haven for endangered wildlife in the south of the country under an agreement with a conservation group. African Parks is to take over management and protection of a territory of high ecological value that lies around the vast Zakouma National Park in southern Chad. The programme will help beef up security at the Siniaka Minia and Bahr-Salamat reserves around the park, as well as vital corridors used by fauna, African Parks said in a statement.