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Blog Posts; Depression and. What Doesn't Kill Us: My Battle With Generalized Anxiety Disorder. My Battle With Anxiety (CreateSpace: November 5,.

Going go my grandparents house to clean. Doesn"t sound like a big deal but send me good vibes please? My anxiety is through the roof.

Depression and anxiety are never a joke, be there for the people fighting with these mental disorders

My patience is 50/50, mostly because I’ve developed a more nonchalant attitude, the other because anxiety is hell to live with.

At the time I was working 12+ hours a day, social anxiety, antidepressants. Then I got a ticket for their Manchester debut.

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Depressed? Anti-depressant. Anxious? Anti-depressant with better anxiety cover, and maybe something for the symptoms.

Despite facing the dark days due to OCD, depression anxiety, these illnesses have shown me how strong I am

Anxiety is THROUGH the roof

Watch the faces and body language of the haves and have nots. Privilege smiles excitedly progress while those wo express anxiety/stress.

1. Mental illness is physical. you’ve seen the MRI photos of a normal brain next to one suffering from PTSD, anxiety, etc. it’s real.

: from someone who has anxiety, depression, ADD, and on the autism spectrum, it"s OKAY to not be okay. take care of yourself