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Cupid is winged, allegedly, because lovers are flighty and likely to change their minds, and boyish because love is irrational. His symbols are the arrow and torch.

It doesn’t work like that. B-Army has been Britney’s fandom name for a long time, way before BTS even debuted. I don’t really have a problem with “armys”, ‘cause now every other fandom is called like that. However, I’m gonna stand by the original one. Now you know, darling.

Just finished listening to BarryDavis_and on extra. Great interview with. Fingers crossed he clears his name. Glad to be a patron!

Name those sources like a real journalist with integrity why don"t u!

I liked JBP, when it all began. I watched his interview with Theryn Meyer, it was fair IMO. But I do think he has been changing lately. Maybe becoming a tad egotistic

I be so content with just sitting at home watching movies instead of going out

Was at my 1yr and 8th month old daughters gymnastics class this morning. It was “awards” day! Each kid would receive aand stand on the podium with their arms raised. The medal was given for just showing up. Needless to say I grab my daughter and left before her name was called.

I made stevie an elfy hat to go with the name. He wasn’t happy

Прикрепленная новость.
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Прикрепленная новость.
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Email with there name and a photo

I’m thankful I got to visit the Arizona memorial in Pearl Harbor with my Grampa. While there, his singular focus was to get an etching of the name of one his former students who died there. A somber, but treasured, childhood memory.

And Hillel Aron has said he had nothing to do with that email and doesnt know why his name is on it.