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You ever see people dating and wonder how the hell did that happen? Lol anyways i hope the flyers remain the same after tonight

BUT IMAGINE it happening after they"ve been dating for 2~3 years and Mishima finds out about it but he doesn"t confront MC immediately and

I can"t stand a guy who talks shit after chasing or dating a girl. Stop being a little bitch.

I did that, he never asked me out every again. Really peed me off. I ended it after 3/4 times despite him being great company

For the longest time I didn"t want to date a otaku. After few non otaku bfs, I want to try dating one looooool

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Yeah Im so over her. Gunnar dating her homegirl after they broke up was wrong but she keep acting like he just consistently screwed her over

The people I"m sitting with at this after work happy hour are talking about dating apps and I"m just making online community notes

dating sim games for guys ds

Jermaine be quiet how many girls have realized they were bisexual after dating u

I"m not throwing shade but like why is everyone getting engaged right now? After a few weeks of dating? Good luck y"all, hope it"s perfect!