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The order arrived today. Really pleased with your items & the care you took in packaging. I am interested in whaling items and coopers tools. Will certainly have another look through your items for sale. Pleasure doing business with you. Paul Dowie

His rant wasn"t that bad and I kinda agree with him. It"s sad that two boys are gonna grow up without a dad because their dad rather fly toy planes and dink around.

I call them recon planes cuz of WaW

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Retired recently and traveling by boat, plane, bus and taxi in Central America. Divorced, two grown children and traveling solo. Looking for someone, first, talk to and hopefully find common interests. I spend part of the year traveling and the rest doing volunteer work in Florida. Not looking for a young girl but someone closer to my age who I can relate too. Share movies, travel and sunsets.

Inside I'm still young but in reality I'm getting older. I'm not overweight, stay active, and keep the pounds off. Enjoy outdoor activities very much and travel to take in the sights. My eyes aren't as blue as they once were, my hair lost it shine years ago, in a tux I guess you would say, mature, best describes me.

Dimensions are planes of existence. We can see our plane and can only wonder about others.

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  • Shoukit Ali 12 часов назад

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