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Coming home with a huge hickey on your neck is pretty much the equivalent of straight up telling your partner that you’ve been sleeping around. READ MORE »

Damn that"s gonna be emotional lmao, not sure I can handle that

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Truly, the mark of an excellent person is not seen in their accomplishments, but in how they handle defeats.

I"ve embraced the fact that i will never not be my social media handle.

Don"t come disrespect me say your going to handle something then do nothing and expect me to not handle buisness

Charlie, the best way to handle this to not give them a platform is to keep both teams in the locker room until Anthem is over

Based on how you spelt handle college must not be testing you hard.

First off Mack didn"t play all night second he had him on his heels hence all of the penalties. Not saying he did bad just didn"t handle him

So I"m not surprised the DSA NPC, with no precedent, no clear governing rules, or relevant experience, is struggling to handle it properly

I give anyone in a loyal, long distance relationship credit. Not the type that could handle the distance

I can"t handle this anymore.