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If you couldn’t get your hands on the Unicorn Frappuccino before the event ended, don’t worry! Your Starbucks barista can still satisfy your need for a mythical frappuccino. Jócelyn Freeman is the skillful barista that created the Mermaid Frappuccino. This colorful concoction is sure to fulfill all your Instagram needs. And I’ve heard it’s as tasty as it looks.

This Mermaid Frappuccino was originally meant as a solution to growing demands for the Unicorn Frappe when they ran out of ingredients. Freeman describes the drink as “a Pokemon Go Frappuccino” without raspberry syrup and drizzled with a toasted coconut matcha sauce. Don’t be fooled by its similarity to the Dragon Frappuccino. Unlike the Dragon Frappe’s green tea base, the Mermaid Frappuccino has a vanilla bean base with green tea powder and blackberries.

Unlike the Unicorn Frappuccino, it’s not officially on the menu so you’ll have to specially order it. POPSUGAR  offered advice on how to do it:

Tbh my coworkers are one of the few reasons im still working at starbucks/target, the job itself makes me tired asf

When one of your coworkers sits on the hood of your truck in the Starbucks drive thru line

When you"re having a bad day and your coworkers get you Starbucks and food, I love these people man

Shout out to my coworkers girlfriend for always hooking it up with free Starbucks

My coworkers got me Starbucks and a breakfast burrito me RN:

When you leave for work angry, so he surprises you with Starbucks in front of all your new coworkers

And my coworkers wonder why I never leave my house

My coworkers were talking about chocolate milk from Starbucks and I didn"t know that existed so I ordered some and it"s good

My coworkers are theeee best! My assistant manager got me breakfast and another brought me Starbucks