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Formerly The Writing Center, The Writing and Communications Corner (WCC) opened in the Rosa Deal School of Arts in January 2017 with an expanded focus on a wide range of written, oral, digital, and multimodal projects.

The WCC provides services to aid the whole of CBU in a wide range of communicative projects, and as such, the WCC is dedicated to helping students be successful communicators.

The WCC is not structured as a tutoring service; its goal is to be a space for open collaboration between students and consultants to allow student projects to reach their desired level of achievement. Consultants, who represent majors in all four CBU schools, are all interested in communication and helping others develop communicative excellence. The WCC does not work solely on essays, as examples of appropriate projects for consultation include:

This is me at 14. Dance classes, hanging out with friends, still spent the night with my grandparents. Not dating a 32 year old man.

This is me at 14. I wasn’t dating a 32 year old male. I was listening to Rick Springfield, taking ballet classes, and collecting Barbie dolls.

I was taking acting classes at a local college. Hanging out with my best friends. Playing video games and studying. I was not dating a 32 year old man.

2 years ago i dropped a class bc i wasnt down to write a 16 page paper w 1 month left of school. now im writing 4 essays ~4-5 pages each for 2 classes anyways. lol. this time around im happier though, not dating my shotty ex and i have a healthy relationship w my parents. woowoo

Every way you can think of, online dating, in person, in classes friends, every way I"ve tried and I"ve tried not trying

This was me at 14. I ran cross country for my high school, was focused on my IB classes, and was active in Scouting and my parents" church. I was interested in learning to program and draw. This is also around when I was raped once. I was not dating anyone, old or my age.

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Me at 14. I was in 9th grade, worrying about going to senior high, passing my classes, and NOT dating a 32 year old. Barely dating anyone at that age.

I"m doing some research. For 5 months I could actually get charged for dating illegaly my boyfriend. Who invented skipping classes?

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