Topics: Dating painted dial grandfather clocks | Robert Loomes.

It’s quite easy to date a painted dial longcase clock. Follow the simple instructions below and you’ll soon get the hang of it. Impress your friends!

The hour numerals are in Roman lettering (FROM I to XII) and the minute numerals are in arabic (5 to 60) numbered every five minutes (often called five minute numbering).


Period two dials change in three distinct ways.
Whereas period one corner decoration tends to be simple gold scrollwork OR little flowers, fruit or the occasional bird, period two dials TEND to have either geometric shapes, or shells, or abstract patterns usually with a little more colour than period one.

Adutch rococo gilt metal-mounted burr walnut longcase clock second half 18th century, the dial signed pieter swaan amsterdam

Here’s the dial of our recently purchased longcase clock from – bij