Topics: Is there a official release date for the Youtube App on the Xbox 360 yet?

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Women get all the negging on dating apps too. It"s just unnecessary. If you don"t fancy me, move on bitch

Mmmmm donuts. It’s not just Homer Simpson who loves those doughy, sugary O’s - it’s just about fuckin’ everyone. And if you don’t, you’re a monster. In this episode, we cover all the age-old donut-related questions. What is the best donut? Is there such a thing as a bad donut? How good are Krispy Kreme donuts, really? And why do so many people (including Rodney) trash Dunkin Donuts? Strap in, folks - this is a long one (that’s what she said).

Guys don’t always get the importance of subtlety.  This failing can prevent them from achieving their dating goal – whether it ends in the bedroom or the altar. Join me in some not subtle but yummy early summer greens goddess salad as we examine this situation. I started thinking about subtlety after a recent exchange with a guy on POF.  I introduced Mr. X in … Continue reading Men and the Lost Art of Subtlety

 What do popular dating apps and brick-and-mortar storefronts have in common? Until now, nothing. But that’s about to change, as Bumble, the popular female-led dating app is opening a pop-up location in New York City. Read More

I had just given up on dating apps and was just beginning to embrace the joys of singlehood. Then he came out of no where.

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Stories are a fundamental part of culture and society. The influence of storytelling is weaved throughout all aspects of life. It’s movies, books, media, religion, art, history, etc. It defines our values, dreams, desires, imagination and even our biases and preconceptions. I imagine the first story was told by an ancient primitive hunter in the … Continue reading Meet The Medium

A podcast series on my experience on my transition from teen to adult. Im going to discuss life after high school, Working full time, Flatting, moving cities to become a student and all the other little things you do when you're and adult. Sex, Relationships, commitments, Alcohol ect.

And obviously I know there"s more than just those two kinds of folks but dating apps don"t properly convey that shit

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You shouldn"t use tinder as an actual dating app, 99% of guys on there are just on for hookups, other dating apps would be better.

In a society where five-star ratings have become a form of social currency, your real-life reputation is being shaped by digital scoresIt’s a brave new world in which we live in, dictated by scores, reviews, judgements and critiques; and we’re asking the question: what does your rating say about you?Joining Olly Mann to talk about Uber and the “rating society” are Guardian Australia’s Elle Hunt, applied psychologist Reece Akhtar and co-founder of iPhone app Peeple Julia Cordray.
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On the news this morning how those dating apps where you swipe left and right for likes and dislikes are ruining romance.

These days, pretty much everyone and their mother has a smartphone (literally). Now that most of us are constantly staying connected on-the-go, it’s no surprise that online dating has begun to transfer from our computers to our phones. Below, I’ve evaluated the top ten most buzzworthy mobile dating apps out there today, giving the pro’s […]

 Tinder users have many motives for uploading their likeness to the dating app. But contributing a facial biometric to a downloadable data set for training convolutional neural networks probably wasn’t top of their list when they signed up to swipe. Read More

Just deleted my dating apps and it feels liberating lol. Back to old fashioned dating for me.

What"s your take on apps ? Useful to get into a serious ?

How many dating apps are there?! Lol!