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Many people find these creatures to be excellent pets. Muntjac Deer love affection and give kisses. They are fun to play with, playing tag and racing with you. They become quite attached to their owners and will even follow you around the house.

Muntjac Deer are clean, they smell like newborn human babies. They are litter trained just like a kitten within the first day and there isn't an odor to the litter. They are very soft and quiet. There is very little shedding. You don't have to walk them and they don't make messes. Though they are jumpers, they do not seem to ever jump on the furniture and they can use a doggy door.

The two smaller species, the Leaf Muntjac and Reeves Muntjac, are currently being bred in the United States.

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New Leaf is great and I"m super addicted to it! It"s also the first Animal Crossing game I played but I can still say it"s my favorite right after Pokemon.

Peak disappointment is playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp while playing Animal Crossing New Leaf while checking tweets and watching anime

Animal Crossing GameCube New Leaf City Folk Wild World is my order

Leaf or animal is my least favorite driving game.

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is so fun and soft and warm and I love it and I play it way more than I ever played New Leaf