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On the 27th, after the battle, Half Yellow Face made a special travois for White Swan and moved him to the Far West steamship so he could get medical care. White Swan was treated in a temporary Army hospital at the junction of the Bighorn and Yellowstone rivers. At the Crow encampments on Pryor Creek, other returning scouts reported that White Swan had died, but he survived his wounds.

While living at Crow Agency, White Swan was painted by the artist J.H. Sharp , who knew him and described him as "Jolly, good natured and a general favorite." [2] White Swan's wife had died when he was only 23 before he became an army scout, and he did not remarry. He lived for a time with an aunt, "Strikes By The Side Of The Water" who was also the mother of Curly , another Crow scout, and he and Curly were known in the Crow Agency community as brothers, though their personalities were said to be the opposite of each other.

He died in 1904, leaving no direct descendants. He is buried in the National Cemetery at the Little Bighorn Battlefield. Although his early death, and his inability to hear and speak left him out of the limelight that later fell on the other surviving Crow scouts, his outstanding bravery during the battle and his artistic ability established an enduring legacy.

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The Hook Up is all about love. and f*cking! Hosted by Hannah Reilly, it's like sex-ed but good. Hang out with a team of experts, comedians and friends of the show as they get graphic about their love lives, and help you out with yours.

A Smith College initiative called “Failing Well” is one of a crop of university programs that aim to help high achievers cope with basic setbacks.

A strong Black woman was made for an even stronger Black man.

The State Opposition calls for the Government to provide evidence of contractual disputes that have forced the new Perth Stadium footbridge to be constructed locally.


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