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Sexual compatibility can, to some extent, be learned if two people both want to try.

You cannot learn to be someone's soul mate.

I got lost about halfway through your post but it seems clear you love K, S was just fun to sleep with. You see no future there.

Seems a clear decision.

The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman"s love with no intention of loving her.

Today I had a patient that gave me some life/dating advice. He said first I need to focus on passing the test ( with a 95% ) I have now in front of me ( my son and I ) then study to achieve a 100% ( future hubby ). I had never thought of relationships in that sense.

A student approached my desk today to ask me for ~dating advice~ with this Google search pulled up on his phone.

Dating advice from stick insects? Exposure to young males during development reduces asexual fitness in females

I need just one thing in my life and that"s you.

You do not have a friendship with this guy. He's to be avoided. (Also, you had nothing to apologize for in the first place when you broke up with him (in HIGH SCHOOL, after dating for THREE months, FOURTEEN years ago), the friend zone is not a real thing, and I think you may benefit from examining some of your mental framing around this guy in particular and men in general.)

What’s the worst dating advice you’ve ever been given?

Briana Evigan and her ex-boyfriend an actor Patric John Flueger were seen together many times for example: at Launch Party – Inside Los Angelesc California where they looked both smitten with each other or leaving W Hotel in Westwood. As lovely as they looked together in photos they are no longer a couple. Briana Evigan […]

My daughter proposed to her boyfriend that she lives with not sure when but social shows today. She calls me and she proposed to her boyfriend then tells me she will call me right back I then get a text saying she is getting married that night at a lounge and wants me to come I live a couple states away. I said congrats but try to convince her there is no rush to get married, not even his parents were told yet. I don t know what to do I love my daughter but I feel she is rushing it not.

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