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Shisha was popularly introduced in ke.arnd 2009.Rwanda 2013 and were the 1st one"s to place a burn on shisha, then Kenyans followed suit, sad how we using Rwandans as a our benchmark.shisha is flavoured tobacco accepted worldwide.

Where did you put your brain? This tweet is a shame to the intellectual community. I"m sorry I have always admired you. What a disappointment!

Trying to compile a list of. Which podcasts from do you know?

Omg we are waiting for you to come and prrrrr pop dem in Rwanda omg can"t wait to take a selfie with you idol

«Even when confronted with difficult choices there is always a way.» On why Rwanda shouldn"t be afraid to get ahead with its own policies no matter the costs.

Corruption is the worst crime in Rwanda, we have invested so much in fighting it and we are enjoying the fruits. Kenya should have made a similar progress already

A shared history and culture, united as one people

Kamikazi was told to be a trained special force soldier from during questioning at CMI