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There are so many people who don’t expect anything good in life. They don’t expect to get breaks, they don’t expect to get promoted, they don’t expect anything positive. So I just try to get people to say, I believe if we expect God’s favor, if we declare it, if we thank him when we do see good things happening, then we’re going to see more of that.

It’s just more an attitude of God wants to bless us where we are. When I say 'bless,' I don’t mean go drive 10 Mercedes and stuff like that. I’m talking about being happy and having good marriages and good relationships. I think sometimes I get grouped in with a prosperity-type. like that’s all I focus on, but I don’t mean it to come off like that.

Your book mentions a man who financially wronged you and your wife Victoria. You say later he lost everything—he lost his money, his family—while God "prospered [you] through several real estate deals."

Exactly. That’s very clear in my mind. We could have sued him, we could have gotten very ugly. But we said we’re going to let God fight this battle. He was another Christian man; he just wasn’t living by Christian principles. I believe we kept a good attitude in the tough times when we weren’t getting our way.

Prayers to. Sorry for this loss fam.

So you"ll add my man on Facebook but not his husband whom he"s married to ok little gay boy I see you

I"m inherently a messy person, but man does it feel good to have a tidy, clean, and organized home.

Ankle injury

Cowboys WR Dez Bryant , listed as questionable for today with knee and ankle injury, has said he will play vs. Falcons. ( Adam Schefter on Twitter )

FF Today's Take: Bryant stated earlier in the week that he would be out there and it appears he will. Even with some questions about his health he will be on the WR1 radar in a matchup with the Falcons that has the highest total of the week (48.5).

The release of Sharon Jones’ final album, recorded while she had terminal cancer, is the latest example of an artist saying goodbye through musicWe all know we’re going to die. But only some of us have a sense of when. If those haunted with that knowledge seem cursed, in another way they’re privileged. They have the rare chance to write their own eulogies, to make a statement that gives their final days shape. Related: Sharon Jones: a soul survivor who helped rejuvenate a classic sound Continue reading.

My boys literally end up getting lucky when we go out. Why? Because there"s always a petty hoe outchea looking to steal my man. Sad.

This is a man who also describes himself as a Sissy Gurl. He goes out like this so would he be allowed to go in changing rooms for women / girls?

The Haryana Chief Minister also asked his Delhi counterpart what steps he has taken to end stubble burning by farmers in areas near the national capital as air pollution peaked to alarming levels.

Senate Democrats pushed nine different gun controls during the past six weeks, and ABC News has now emerged with a tenth gun law which they suggest may be the ringer. That law would legalize firearm confiscation orders like those in Washington state. Such orders allow a judge to issue an ex parte order for the confiscation of an American’s […]