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European court says Home Office was wrong to deny permanent residency to Algerian husband of British-Spanish citizen A European citizen who becomes a British citizen does not lose the right to have a spouse from a non-EU country live with them in the UK, the European court of justice (ECJ) has ruled in a landmark case.After a five-month deliberation it has decided the Home Office was wrong to refuse a dual British-Spanish citizen the right to have her Algerian husband live with her in Britain. Continue reading.

It"s only on local sites youre asked for your card pin

Since the old 8.1 days, when the built-in camera had QR capabilities, we've relied on standalone QR and barcode scanning utilities for Windows 10 Mobile. The upside is that they're a lot more capable in terms of what they can scan and recognise. Scanner One is a new UWP application that is pretty flexible. See below for details.

A GTBank card for that matter, best when it comes to international transactions. I use my GTB card for Facebook ads. I use it on my PayPal. Same card I use to shop on Amazon. On international sites, the OTP security doesn"t apply.