Topics: Is it DOB or D.O.B. for date of birth?

Safer Online Dating - Duur: 1:13.

Safer Online Dating - Duur: 1:13.

Wonder if Britney Riley sister Danielle Riley and the DJ guy still dating ??

^^ One of the many reasons I stopped dating years ago. Not sure how some of my friends put up with that shit, even for a second. ^^

Dating site for kids LOLOLOL

They"re dating just like that? No angst at all? Wow was I surprised. D O R K S

#7? | WAITING FOR GAME GRUMPS DREAM DADDY DATING SIMULATOR :( | Persona 5 in the mean time! PS4 - Duur: 3:07:46.

But isn"t dating 3rd graders illegal? I mean, this can"t possibly come from an adult.

I"m done with the dating thing. D-O-N-E.