Topics: Are Connor Franta and Bethany Mota (the Youtubers) really dating?

Internet sensation on Twitter, Vine, and YouTube who was a member of the group known as  Our2ndLife  along with Jc Caylen , Ricky Dillon , Sam Pottorff , Trevor Moran and Connor Franta before they separated in December 2014. He and Jc Caylen launched their collaborative channel  KianAndJc  in July 2014. 

With Our2ndLife, he became known to post weekly videos every Saturday. He and Cameron Dallas made a 7 second challenge video on YouTube which amassed more than 2 million views. 

Born in Iowa, he moved to California with his family when he was five. He has siblings named Isabelle , Rio, Cole and Tabatha. In 2016, he began dating model Meredith Mickelson. He was in a relationship with fellow YouTube star Andrea Russett , but the couple broke up in mid-2014. 

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