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If you've scanned the crypto news in recent weeks, you will have noticed a smattering of stories suggesting that the whole cryptocurrency market, is a bubble. Such news is not exactly new. Since the spring, the crypto market has multiplied in value by a factor of six and the word "bubble" has thus inveigled its way into commentators conversations. A few days ago, the Wolf of Wall St, Jordan Belfort, joined JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon in declaring Bitcoin to be both a fraud and a bubble. Jordan can, at least, legitimately claim expertise in fraud having pleaded guilty to… [Continue Reading]

And for every catchy song nicki also has a song with actual content kind of like how Rihanna can make a rude boy and a diamonds

The new Beck album is a beauty - first upbeat LP from him for almost a decade and its full of catchy delightful goodness


Agnetha and Frida were amazing vocalists, and Benny and Bjorn had a fantastic ear for composing catchy and even complex pop songs.

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I realy love it"s very catchy, easy listening the same time the sounds like so uniqe. Very good idea for the lyrics video

Back atcha! You have a nice knack for catchy choruses

Wow! Some catchy contest I am sensing. Totally game for it. : )

Your videos sound like catchy jingles for commercials and tv bumpers. I love them!

He had catchy stuff for sure but his actual rhymes were not good in my unprofessional opinion friend

That Pink + Eminem song mad catchy lol and I hate myself for saying it