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Here at Brisbane Christian Singles, we believe in fellowship extending beyond the walls of our individual churches, and appreciate the importance of communing socially and spiritually with our fellow christians on a social basis. We also recognise that in this day and age, doing so can be more difficult than it sounds. 

That is why we have created this site - to help you find the social contacts and Christian groups in your area. Here you can make contact with various groups, as well as keep up to date with events scheduled by selected groups.

This site is not a dating service, although many people have developed lasting friendships (we are even aware of several marriages) after meeting at singles events. This is a communication point for Christian singles of age 30+ who wish to widen their circle of friends from God’s family, providing opportunities to mix socially and spiritually.

Shout out to all the Christian Outreach Colleges: Brisbane, and Toowoomba.

Ati Sundar vichaar! Btw looking at tweets, are you an Atheist, Christian or something peaceful!