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You’ve just started seeing someone, things are going pretty well, so far at least, and then, BAM, you find out it’s their birthday. Shit.

If you were more seriously involved, you’d at least know what was expected of you: you’d play the “Significant Other” role with aplomb, providing gifts, planning romantic birthday dinners, buying drinks, half-hosting the celebrations, and, most importantly, providing a safe passage home at the end of a boozy night.

But when you’re only a few months (or weeks!) in, and your future with this person isn’t yet assured, you have to awkwardly toe the line between being presumptuous and doing too much, or being callous and not doing enough.

My professor just compared him and our class to a newly dating couple

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What can I give him? I have looked all through the stores, and I have not found anything that I think he would like, or that I can afford. I have thought very hard about what to buy for him. I thought that he might like a new shirt, but he has lots of clothes. I was watching him on the weekend. He cut the grass, washed the car, took out the garbage, weeded the garden and watered the plants.

*uses newly learned word on dating profile*

is sex healthy for pregnant woman

I saw him 12/31/2012 as 1st fancy outing after dating of 2+mos. He was newly divorced ( long-separated ) dad guilt. So was Louie.

I"m newly dating someone so it could be tested out. Not sure if he"d be scared or excited.

Как ваш муж относится к тому, что у него скоро 40-летний юбилей? Созывает гостей на шумную вечеринку или впадает в депрессию по поводу уходящих лет?

Юбилей – такой праздник, к которому многие относятся неоднозначно. С одной стороны, это радостный день рождения, поэтому настроение должно быть соответствующим. С другой – это круглая дата, которая многим начинает казаться угрожающей уже после цифры 20.