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Does Work? - Duur: 13:25.

Does Work? - Duur: 13:25.

Bhai Ashutosh, You are the biggest loser after joining AAP else you could have been screwing AK in Prime Time News.

Who is the biggest loser of demonetization?

Shep is the biggest loser on Fox! Plus he has lunatic fans!

The much-loved musician explains why he livestreamed the entire recording of his new album, Out of Silence, over four hours on a Friday nightThe camera in Neil Finn’s home studio in Auckland starts picking up bits of conversation about the weather and traffic. People move in and out of the shot, tuning their instruments, plugging things in. Finally the musicians take their seats and Finn himself sits behind a piano. “It’s what I dreamed of when I built this place,” the Crowded House frontman tells the Guardian. “Every corner of the studio is filled with music.”
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Fed up with being disrespected, the female co-founders of an art startup invented Keith as a business partner – and discovered he was taken a lot more seriously than they wereName: Keith Mann.Age: Irrelevant. Continue reading.

I really miss watching The Biggest Loser.