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Enjoy an easy-to-use on-screen guide. Easily find the show s you want to watch and see what's on up to nine days in advance. You also have the option of displaying only the channels you subscribe to with a simple press of a button

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Found out the other day that up here in BC Canada we have humming birds that stay in the winter. They are really cute and apparently eat tree sap and the nectar from the few winter flowering plants. I could see it when we had winters with no snow, but right now its amazing to me

Which Cary steep sentences in Canada indictable 5years mandatory minimum up to life! WTF Is that? For a difference in opinion! And how can

Good morning Becky,

My wife is a direct descendant of Hendrick Hendrickson Kip and I'd be very happy to share our information with you since it would seem that your husband and my wife are relatives. Feel free to contact me here or at

Regards, Michael

I am back trying to update our family file, so I can repost it on the web. I'm asking that all family's email me at with the last 4 generations in their line. name, date of birth and place, date of death and place date of marriage and place and who to with parents names. I am hoping to have the new file and book by late July. I thank you for any help I can get.
Stevie Leroy Mahurin
PH 843.213.9261

Here’s hoping he’s finally got his head straight. Canada won’t put up with a lot of that crap he pulled here.

Ceilidh Country Lodge is situated 2 minutes from The Village of Baddeck, with 46 units and its wide wrap around veranda it is a quaint and homey setting. Operated by Audrey and Harry Faulkner the Lodge gives you that home away from home feeling. Included in your room rate is a continental breakfast as well…

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No, I’m saying that alot of illegals ( different nationalities ) voluntarily left the USA and crossed over into Canada because of Trumps immigration plan. There are still many many here! Obongo and the liberals really messed this country up, but with our POTUS we are on track

Why my high ass grab a 7 up Instead of a Canada Dry

Hey Island man when are you coming back to Toronto Canada again. We miss u up here. Can"t wait!!!_kennyprvt

S&P have advised that the West of England P&I Club's interactive rating has been confirmed again as 'A-'; outlook stable. This is a positive confirmation of the Club's strategic direction and overall financial strength, reflecting our strong and sustained operating performance of recent years. More details can be found on the Standard & Poors website

That"s terrible! It"s so cold in Canada my Rolls-Royce didn"t warm up right away and I just got it!

You are one of those lucky chaps who look good either way, with or without moustache. A moustache is sometimes necessary for some who want to counter that bulbous nose(like me) or very long shape face. So, Whichever seems convenient, just move on with that.

I prefer to be clean-shaven, but I've recently stuck with having a well-trimmed beard (using the shortest clip length on my razor, except for the mustache), because a clean shave makes my skin feel very uncomfortable.

The weather in Canada is so fucked up right now