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High performance hook up wire. 12 gauge silver plated OFC, Continuous CrystalTM copper, Teflon insulation, Red (1m)

Time to bring some AC/DC DVDs and hook up some Peavey Amps. Park your car right beside them and crank up the volume.

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I should have a bit of free time so any time I"m able to hook my laptop up to another monitor I"ll definitely be working on things!

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Good thing our bell is broken because that thing will be ringing off the hook in 4 weeks. Great intense day !!

I bought an AC on Monday but have to wait for my brother to hook it up

Are there any locals who can hook you up with one or two from their stash?

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Rebecca: Wait a minute guys. We need power down here. There"s a line nearby that I can hook into but the wattage is weak.

Is your hair still bleached? I can hook you the heck up at AC if you want