Topics: 5 Times When You Shouldn't Be Dating - Paging Dr. NerdLove

So today I want to do something you don’t see very often in the Dating Advice Industry: I want to tell you why you  shouldn’t be dating.

Small wonder then that you might feel like demanding some acknowledgement from the world. And what’s one of the best ways to show that you’re not the same loser you used to be? You go out and parade your girlfriend around like a banner.

Or maybe you just want to prove something to  yourself. After all of those years of being terrified to talk to women, finding a girlfriend is like starting a new phase of life, a way of proving you’re not that guy any more.

Already changed my username to because I’m the Kateriest Katerie there is

I’m intensely curious about the sequel.

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Got through about a third of it and it seems like they"re just trying really hard to find fault. And they don"t like your jokes *shrug*

Could well be. I doubt it, but could be.

It was a review of New Game Plus.

Hopefully there"s at least some useful criticism to be found in their review. For the next book.

Still puts me in the same company as Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman.

Enh, not everyone’s gonna like me. comes with the territory,

愛情心機超重的星座男-Love is overweight - Duur: 3:29.

Incidentally, if you’ve read New Game Plus or my other books and really dig ‘em: how about a review on GoodReads and Amazon?

Is there a tactful way to tell someone you met online that you don"t want to meet? ( Maybe knows. )

But do they just not like your writing style or your politics? If the latter then we probably want to avoid them.

Well they dislike me so I’m inclined to say the latter. :p But more seriously, a podcast about bad books.

Yeah, if they"re putting you on their bad books list, it calls their definition of bad into question

I don"t know how they could possibly top it. The plot and characters are so perfectly drawn.

I suppose it could be both

Wait, which book are they saying is bad? Or did they just use your books as an excuse to bitch about you?