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The ATP World Tour Finals has a round-robin format, with eight players/teams divided into two groups of four. The eight seeds are determined by the ATP Rankings and ATP Doubles Team Rankings on the Monday after the last ATP World Tour tournament of the calendar year. All singles matches are the best of three tie-break sets, including the final. All doubles matches are two sets (no ad) and a Match Tie-break. [3]

The top eight players (or teams) with the most countable points accumulated in Grand Slam , ATP World Tour , and Davis Cup tournaments during the year qualify for the 2014 ATP World Tour Finals. Countable points include points earned in 2014, plus points earned at the 2013 Davis Cup final and the late-season 2013 Challengers played after the 2013 ATP World Tour Finals.

To qualify, a player who finished in the 2013 year-end top 30 must compete in four Grand Slam tournaments and eight ATP World Tour Masters 1000 tournaments during 2014. They can count their best six results from ATP World Tour 500, ATP World Tour 250 and other events (Challengers, Futures, Davis Cup, Olympics) toward their ranking. To count their best six, players must have fulfilled their commitment to 500 events – four total per year (at least one after the US Open).

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