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SEX & RELATIONSHIPS:Why Do I Keep Falling for Toxic Relationships - Duur: 7:08.

If you’re constantly thinking about why you lost him, think about what HE lost.

The lake is really high this year. That beach is 20 minutes from my parents" house. Glad you"re having a great time!

Especially when you"re stuck on a delayed train that doesn"t move for for 20+ minutes, like the one I"m on this a.m.

When you"re fathering 20 kids and it"s only Tuesday

You"re probably above 20 if you know this energy drink. Literally time to take notes from these legends.

Oh wait your profile says you"re 20 hahaa.

MAC20 = 20% off all mac products till 12 tonight X you"re welcome x

All of 20 people. You"re the man

That desperate moment when you just get a miserable pic of the chair but you couldn"t have what you"re obsessed for