Topics: Can a lender or servicer force place mortgage insurance?

But on the flip side, you both have perfected the art of getting a full meal for less than $24.99.

You"re frankly disgusting. This is a democracy not a dictatorship like your friends in Russia, China, Turkey, etc., etc., etc.

That’s really intelligent for a 10 year oldIs this your argument? You’re not ready to be a grown up with your stupid Meme’s

You"re on facebook but you"re not facing your books a Nigerian proverb

You will not attract that which is on a higher vibration if you"re stuck in a lower frequency

To the bar man at the ICA who filled my glass halfway up with gin before pouring in a fraction of the tonic, and still only charged £6.50, you"re pretty alright.

You"re NEVER be a problem, you"re the best running back of all time, me and my family know that for sure. So sad we won"t see ya in London

Also, as it"s National Coming Out Day--If you"re new here, I"m bigender and a heckin queer lesbian. Yep.

I have never met a full adult mad they not having sex trust me this is your hoe years one day you will grow up if you’re lucky

So you’re being rather selective with your argument then. My point would be that Scotland often need to score 2 or 3 to win a game

Im an eagle scout and I think it"s fine for girls to join. I also think you"re a fuckin nerd who can"t deal with the world.

LoL. That"s a nice Christian example you"re putting on there. You must truly know the word of God.

You think “consumerism” is worse than religion. You’re a moron it’s that simple

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Is there a show next Friday you’re going to!