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Thanks for your interesting post.
Almost bought the 1 day island hopping trip from, but decided not to after looking through ur blog.
Can you advise where can we normally find this local tour agencies or any agency to recommend in Phuket?

Hi Shun Qiang, you can get the tour at Phuket itself. You can get it in shopping malls, or the agencies along the road side. Don’t worry if their shops are run down. They are still running a business. In fact, you can bargain with them more, than buying from a Singapore agency. Have fun and enjoy Phuket!

Hi Marcus,
We will be traveling to thailand in June. we’ll stay there for 25 days.
how much money do you think we should take per person.
we are planning to go to singapore, thu pek, chian mai,bangkok, not counting the hotels and air trip
I really enjoyed reading your adventure, the ping pong one made me laugh

Two of Ghandi’s children were offered scholarships to a prestigious school. Ghandi turned them down and suggested there were more deserving candidates than his children. His wife said “you want to make saints out of my children before they are men”

Who"s the responsible person that does scholarships the night before they"re due?

Schools only get 11.7 scholarships for D1 baseball and they usually offer pitchers 1st, my son committed before jr yr because he loved USM.

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We know 27 on scholarship 8 walkon roster has to be at 35 before opening day /11.7 scholarships

Except the lap dances wasn"t even rick and paid scholarships give hu out money also the stripper scandal was before Donovan